The ministry of detection: mutation

Stay vigilant. The enemy is among us.

It’s not the first time Arthur Winter has been out of his depth.

The alien Menace is back and the country is gripped by fear. But Winter knows the Menace didn’t return on its own accord – it was set loose by the government, and it won’t be long before the same is done in Europe.

If Winter’s to stop this, he must burrow deep into the government and destroy all traces of the Menace. That’s if he isn’t caught in the act first.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Detection is closing in on Josef Wilde, leader of a group of radical alien humanoid hybrids. The only problem is Josef has some serious dirt on Winter, and if they catch him, Winter could be locked up for good. 

And to top it all off, a minister is missing, presumed dead.

At least things can’t get any worse…